Overview of The Investment

Carolina Center for Foreign Investment’s fundamental objective is to deploy foreign investor capital in quality real estate-based EB-5 investment opportunities that minimize risk while satisfying our four core requirements:

  • Invest capital in projects located within the USCIS designated Carolina Center for Foreign Investment.
  • Meet or exceed the USCIS EB-5 Pilot Program’s job creation and economic impact requirements.
  • Provided investors with detailed information and supporting documentation they will need to pursue their petitions for US residency visas for themselves and their eligible members.
  • Enhance value by investing only in projects expected to meet or exceed our target total rate of return criteria.

All qualifying investment opportunities offered by CCFI Regional Center will be located within targeted employment areas (TEA). For investors, this means that all projects will qualify for reduced capital contributions of $500,000. All projects will be recommended and monitored by CCFI. Investment opportunities will include projects in technology, health services, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing and trade, automotive research, and mixed-use developments (retail, office, hotel and residential).

Carolina Center for Foreign Investment seeks to invest in real estate that has the potential to yield dividends in the form or rental income as well as gains from the sale of developed property. In the event that there is income to be distributed, such distribution will occur semi-annually.

Investments will be made through separate limited partnerships. Each qualifying foreign investor applying through CCFI will become a limited partner. The General Partner of each limited partnership will be managed by Furman Investment Advisory Services, LLC.

Investment amounts and fees will be fully disclosed to each investor through the confidential information memorandum and additional legal materials. Legal fees related to services provided by the investor’s immigration attorney are completely separate from any investment offerings made by CCFI, and are the sole responsibility of the investor.

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