Testimony to US Transportation Committee Says the Proterra Bus is a US and World "Game-Changer."

September 29, 2010- House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure---Executive Director of Foothill Transit in West Covina, California, Doran J. Barnes, spoke before the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure on September 29th regarding Foothills recent purchase of several of Proterra’s “Ecoliner.” The committee was evaluating the impact of the Recovery Act Transportation and Infrastructure Projects on local communities and business.

Foothills Transit provides service to over 14 million customers annually. One of their key components to their mission statement is innovation which led to the concept of the “Ecoliner,” the first in the world zero emissions electric bus which recharges in less than 10 minutes.

“The Foothill Transit Ecoliner could change everything we know and assume about public transportation and renewable energy. This is exactly the type of forward thinking we need, not just at Foothill Transit, and not just in Los Angeles, but in our country and the world at large. It’s starting at Foothill Transit because we all pushed for a solution – the agency, the company, and our government.”

Foothill Transit has been receiving calls about its “Ecoliner” from transit operators throughout the United State and transit systems in Europe and the Pacific Rim who are eager to see how this cutting edge technology plays out in a real world environment. For example, a delegation from Paraguay will be visiting Foothill Transit to take a first-hand look at the vehicle in early November and the Imagineers from Disney have already been out to see the “Ecoliner.”

“We hope to move forward with replacing CNG with all electric.” The Foothill Transit Board has funding in place now to purchase an additional nine electric buses for the current line and has instructed staff to seek funding for additional vehicles on a second line.

See attached for full testimony

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