U.S. Transportation Secretary visits with CCFI Managing Partners While at Proterra Inc.'s temporary facility.



1/27/2011- U.S. Secretary of Transportation standing with owners and executives of Proterra Inc. and CCFI Regional Center in front of Proterra all-electric bus  in Greenville, SC. - (Pictured from left) Alan Ballew (CCFI), Dale Hill (Proterra), Jeff Granato (Proterra), U.S. Secretary Ray LaHood, Stephen Navarro (CCFI), Baraht Dave (Proterra), Peter Rogoff (FTA Administrator), Marc Gottschalk (Proterra)

U.S Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, visited Proterra’s temporary factory in Greenville, SC on Thursday.  He accompanied the Federal Transit Authority Administrator, Peter Rogoff.

 LaHood, said his visit with, administrator, would likely boost Proterra’s profile with U.S. transit agencies that are potential buyers of its zero-emissions buses. When asked if he might encourage the District of Columbia to buy Proterra’s buses he said, “my presence here, I think, is an endorsement of what’s going on here. And almost every transit district in the country we have a relationship with. And when they see me standing in front of one of these clean buses with the FTA administrator, that’s a pretty good message.”

 Jeff Granato, the chief executive of Proterra said the company is negotiating with potential buyers in Paraguay, Brazil, France, Turkey and Canada as well as dozens of transit authorities in the U.S. (READ MORE)


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